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Lancer (FUC)

Page history last edited by Milbunk 10 years, 10 months ago

First scene:



LancerBazett! Hey, Bazett!?  What the heck happened!?   W-What...!?

KireiSo, Lancer, I see that you have raced back to protect your precious Master.  Too bad, you just missed her.

Lancer...  Who the hell are you?

KireiMy name is Kirei Kotomine.  I am your new Master.

LancerHuh...!?  Those Command Spells...  Are those...!?

KireiThat is correct.  I took them from your former Master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz.  Lancer, no, Heroic Spirit Cu Chulainn...  You've lost your contract holder, which means you will soon run out of odo.  All you can do is wait to fade from this world.  That must be very difficult for a Heroic Spirit who seeks the Holy Grail to deal with.  Instead of fading away, I propose that you re-contract with me.  If you do as I say, you will have your chance at attaining the Grail.

Lancer:  ... You want me to just bow down to you? To the man who killed Bazett!?

KireiCome now, there is no need to bear a grudge. A careless Master like her had no hope of winning this Grail War.  She would have met the same fate sooner or later, anyway.  I am the Master you need if you are truly serious about winning. Well, Lancer, what do you say?

Lancer... Fine. I'll never forgive myself if I just give up.  But mark my words, Kirei Kotomine. You'll have to use one of those Command Spells if you plan on ordering me around.  ... Always watching your back and never sleeping could get tiresome.


*End Scene*

Halfway through the story:

Caster...  so you're up next, huh?

CasterOh, Lancer...  I've been watching you.  And you're not very happy with your new Master, are you?

LancerHuh?  You've been watching me?  For what purpose?

CasterI have a proposition for you.  I can cancel your contract with my Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker.  You are bound by those Command Spells.  But I can free you from them...  How would you like to get rid of that Master of yours and join me?

LancerYou make me sick.  Do you really believe the loyalty of a knight to be so fickle?  Switching camps all the time is hardly the way to maintain the respect of others.

CasterI'm sorry to hear that.  I suppose I was foolish to believe I could tame the "Hound of Culann" in the first place.

LancerYou did well in calling me out...  I was thinking along the same lines.  My work just never seems to end.


*After The Fight*

Lancer: You can't hold out much longer with that wound.  Accept it.  Hey, Caster.  If you're willing to do something for me, I might just be willing to let your Master go.  What do you think?


*End Scene*

Last battle:

LancerYou're late, Kotomine.  I thought you'd get here much quicker.

KireiLancer...  I only have one question for you.  Why won't my Command Spells work on you?

LancerWell you see...  Caster had a very interesting Noble Phantasm on her.  And right before I killed her we made a deal.  She used her Noble Phantasm to cancel the contract between us.

Kirei...  I don't understand.  You're continuing to fight in this Holy Grail war even without a Master?  Why?

LancerBecause there was a woman who summoned me because she believed in me and my abilities.  And if I'm going to live up to her beliefs, then I have to stand strong with my spear in hand.  Not only that, but I have to win.

KireiHow absurd.  You're doing it for a dead woman?  With the amount of odo you have left, just sticking around in this world is difficulty enough, isn't it?

LancerYou said it.  This body will probably be gone within a few minutes.  But that's all the time that I need.  The debt I owe my summoner will be paid by avenging her death. Kirei Kotomine, you're going down.

KireiYou insolent...  You don't care about the Grail at all?  There is nothing you want to ask the Wish Maker for?

LancerNot really.  The only thing I want at the moment is to take your head before I'm gone.  You're going to pay for taking a Red Branch Knight so lightly!


*After The Fight*

LancerI don't care if you're a Master or whatever...  Did you really think you could keep this Heroic Spirit held down with Command Spells?  I was never loyal to you.

*Scene End*


Lancer defeat Kotomine final scene:


Oh well...  It looks like my time is up.

I have to admit that was pretty close though.  That jerk was pretty strong for a human.

But at least he got what he deserved.  Did you see me, Bazett?  The Servant you summoned is really strong, isn't he?

You made a good decision when you picked me!

I still wish I could have helped you get the Holy Grail though...

I don't have any need for the Wish Maker.  I'm happy enough to have had the chance to live again and fight to my heart's content.

It's a shame that we didn't get to fight alongside each other, but it was nice all the same.  Thank you, fellow Red Branch Knight.

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